05 Feb 2013 @ 10:46 PM 

Ah, the new classic debate of the craft era: Cans vs. Bottles and which one is better for your beer.

In this podcast we:

  • Get back on the podcasting wagon
  • Talk about how bottles and cans are filled
  • Talk about the benefits and detriments to cans and bottles and why some people prefer one or the other
  • Talk about the 3000, no.. 1000, no… 500.. err.. well.. probably 100 year headstart bottles have over cans in the marketing department

Glad to be back in the recording chair – I hope you’re still here with me. Cheers!

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 11 Dec 2012 @ 10:51 PM 

This podcast is designed as self-reference. Yeah, weird, right? Not really – I already know that down the road I’ll want to be able to talk about ingredients in a really specific manner and so this is a general overview of the five ingredients of beer so that I can point people back here.
The centerfold.
Wait. What.. five?

Yeah. You heard me. You’ll have to listen.

This covers water polarity, hop bitterness, why IBUs are terrible (but metric!) measurements, what malting is, why barley is great, why “top fermenting” and “bottom fermenting” yeasts don’t exist, and what else can go into your beer. I also talk a bit about seasonality in ingredients and if you listen closely you can hear my dog squeak a toy and ask to go out in the middle of the podcast. Thanks Tess, can’t you tell I’m recording here?

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 03 Dec 2012 @ 10:03 PM 

Just what exactly IS the three-tier system? Is it good or bad? Why do some people seem to hate it, and if it’s so awful, why do so many people use it?

All this, plus Mystery’s search for distribution and why we ultimately decided that self-distribution wasn’t for us.

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 25 Nov 2012 @ 8:23 PM 

I get the same question all the time: “Do I have to keep this beer refrigerated?”

The short answer is, yes. All the time. But let’s talk about why and the instances where people don’t refrigerate, for better or for worse. Aging, skunking, and staling, and why your craft beer store isn’t keeping their beer the best way (and why it really can’t until you change your buying habits).



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 18 Nov 2012 @ 11:27 PM 

Someone brought it up to me again the other day: You should get back to blogging more.

And, you know? I agree… for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s cathartic. It’s a nice release to be able to commit thoughts to words and publish them, even in a vanity forum like this blog, but also because there are a lot of topics that I’d like to see discussed in the world at large that I feel like I can at least introduce, and hopefully see out and about.

However, what with this whole “owning a brewery” thing, my time is often pretty limited and when I write it takes up a LOT of time – not only because, regardless of how fast a typer I am, it takes a long time to get things out, but because I’m just enough of a nerd to not want to write a blog post unless I have a complete thought. You should see how long it’s taken me to put this post together … or, maybe you can see it.

What’s more, often I only really think about writing when I’m upset about something and I don’t want to have the reputation (any more than I already do) for being the angry, ranty brewer guy. I am often not angry, and so I’d like that to actually come through on my blog. However, I REALLY like turning convention on its head and really looking at why it is we do what we do. Nobody ever made progress by doing the same old shit over and over again, and I really like applying creative problem solving to things that don’t necessarily appear to be broken. That often comes off as angry – or at least hyper-critical. But I don’t want to come off that way.

So, I’m going to try something new: Podcasting. There are a few reasons for this.

1) I can talk faster than I can type, and while part of me wants to make sure that there’s a complete written post around a podcast, that seems to me (for now) to be faster than setting down words to an entire post.

2) I can do it in a lot of different places. There’s no reason I can’t record a podcast while I’m working on something in the brewery, or in between tasks, whereas writing needs to take place in basically one or two environments where I have a computer and a long time to sit in one place.

3) It’s a lot easier to tell my tone when you hear my voice. If I don’t sound angry, I’m probably not angry. Not always the case, but normally true.

So, we’ll try this out. The podcast will serve two functions:

To educate. I’ve taught a Certified Cicerone Study course a couple of times over the past year and it’s very popular, and while I think people are generally interested in the Cicerone program, I think most people just want to learn more about beer – and so I’ll be doing little bits of education. Everything from how beer is made to how tap lines are cleaned to what the ingredients are and how they’re used. I’ll try to do this in a very non-technical way so that it’s easy for anybody to understand. With any luck there will be something for everybody to learn.

To inform. Since I’ve started Mystery, I’ve learned a LOT about the industry that I never would have thought about as a drinker and a fan of the industry, and I think it’s worth discussing some of those things… things like: Why the three-tier system is actually pretty great. Or that bars often don’t take care of their own draft systems. Or how AB-InBev is going to crush us all and how you’re going to help them.

And it will staaaaaart now.



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