22 Apr 2009 @ 11:54 PM 

Holy crap I’m tired.

What a long day. What an awesome day.

Started off with the keynote at the CBC. Really, more than just the keynote – Charlie Papazian opened things up with a “be unscripted” introduction. Paul Gatza followed with some really quite positive numbers about the state of the craft brewing industry. Brewers Association 2009 Achievement Award Winners were announced and Greg Koch blew everything out of the water with a fantastic video toast (which – if I can get an internet copy I would love to post) and keynote address that was truly awesome. Greg is, indeed, a rock star.

The BrewExpo opened and.. I’ve been to a lot of conferences for other industries I’ve worked in. I’ve never been to a trade show where people were so… well.. friendly. People are happy just to chat. They genuinely seem to want to help you and want to know about what you’re doing. It’s really pretty fantastic. I learned an amazing amount today, and am planning on going and scouring the floor for pricing info for my business plan.

The afternoon held sessions – I held myself to the “Brewery Startup” sessions, all in the same room. A nice overview of fundraising and opening numbers from Scott Metzger of Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio, followed by a really great statistical look at the craft brew industry, primarily by Ray Daniels, and finally a phenomenal rundown of practical advice from Jamie Martin, Brewmaster of Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.. Absolutely great stuff.

The evening gave me a choice: Go on the drunk bus to Sam Adams, or head over to, arguably my favorite bar ever, the Sunset Grill to meet up with the Stone Brewing crew and try a bunch of things I will never have on tap again. Well worth it. I got to meet Carla the Beer Babe, the 2 beer guys from 2beerguys and Candice Alstrom. Great times.

Now.. let’s pretend you get a chance to grab Greg Koch as he works through a crowd and ask him a question. What do you ask?

Me? I ask: “How many of that plaid jacket do you own?”

The answer: “Just one.”

Indeed – the story of my life. What price glibness? I’ll answer that question later. For now – great day – looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Matt Steele says:

    Loved the blog. Sounds like the conference is a lot of fun. I wish I could have been there to see Greg’s keynote in all its rock & roll and plaid jacket glory. Cheers!
    -Matt at Stone

  2. erik says:

    Thanks Matt! Love the beer!

    I notice that Greg is wearing the jacket in the IAACB video, too. I mean.. it’s a nice jacket. It suits him well. If I tried that, I would look like I was trying to escape from a ska band.

    Thanks for swinging by!

  3. Jamie Martin says:

    Thanks for coming to my talk. I am glad you enjoied it. If you are ever in Wi stop in for a pint or two.


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  5. Grendi says:

    But if you sell them a Ferrari and you give them a Dodge, they’ll sue you for $100 million doallrs. Haha, well put. And it’s true, sales reps oversell but at the same time it’s very common to show a mock-up and then have customers have a hard time understanding what a mock-up means, and thus get to this misunderstanding. Though I don’t know if I should give SAP the benefit of the doubt in this case.

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