29 Sep 2009 @ 1:01 PM 

What a great weekend to be a beer drinker in North Carolina. We get a double-whammy of the World Beer Festival and, in the interval between sessions, Fullsteam’s Backyard Beer Festival just a block away.

In one small (and very chic) city, we have the opportunity to get some of the best craft beer and some of the best homebrew around.

Holy awesome.

My plan in all of this goes like this: Myself (and a group of wonderful friends) will be attending the afternoon (12-4) session of the World Beer Festival, then we will be trucking over to Fullsteam where I’ll be pouring some of my homebrew at the Backyard Beer Festival.

If you’re around at either event, stop me and say hi. I’ll be wearing my bestest Top Fermented T-Shirt.

If you’re not around either event, I’m trying something a little new. Using the magical power of Posterous and my Android I will be recording short audio and video notes as I go and posting them (along with photos) live from both events. All of that stuff will dump onto Twitter automatically, as the day goes and I’ll wrap it all up with highlights here on the blog.

So join me online and off for a great weekend of beer, and witness, firsthand, my descent into rambling drunkenness. It should, at the very least, be entertaining and who knows? There might even be a nugget or two of good beer information in there.

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  1. ingrate says:

    I can help you supplement with my own tweets of a steadily devolving sober nature. Sadly, I lack video ability. This is probably a good thing.

    I am torn on which TopFermented shirt I should wear. The classy green one, the Flow Chart, or my Style shirt.

  2. shficke says:

    Ooh, I vote for the style shirt.

  3. erik says:

    I dunno. I think the Flow Chart should be represented.

  4. erik says:

    In fact, if you go Flow Chart, there’s a chance that we have one of each type represented.

  5. ingrate says:

    I’ll bring all three. I forgot to tell you that I was called out by someone zombieing through the crowd at the ball game in Baltimore last weekend. They wanted to know all about the shirt and the accompanying site.

    I lied through my teeth: told them I had a talented friend who just makes up stuff and if he wanted a good laugh he should read the blog.

  6. erik says:

    … which part of that is the lie?

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