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Beer Blogger Brew-Off


This goes down as one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in some time.

Peter of Simply Beer had this awesome brainstorm:

Get a bunch of people together, give them the same basic recipe and allow them to change ONE thing about it. Make it at the same time with the same basic conditions, ship bottles of it around, and then we all get to taste. Being that we’re all bloggers, I’m gonna bet we’re all going to taste pretty publicly.

The following people (other than me) have signed up for the good cause:

AaronCaptain’s Chair(@captainschair)
DerekLuther Public House(@LutherHaus)
EthanGeek Beer (@geekbeer)
JosephHopfentreader (@hopfentreader)
MichaelThank Heaven For Beer (@heavenlybrew)
NateThank Heaven For Beer (@THFBeer_nate)
PeterSimply Beer (@simplybeer)
ThomasBeer Genome Progect (@TomBGP)

The recipe looks like this:

9 lbs. Domestic 2-Row barley
16 oz. Chocolate Malt
16 oz. Roasted Barley
4 oz. Flaked Barley
4 oz. Caramel 60°L

1 oz Williamette hops (60min)
1 oz tettnang (2 minutes)

60 min mash @ 152
~75 min sparge @170

60 minute boil.

American Ale Yeast (wyeast 1056)
base recipe has estimated gravity of ~1.046 and finish around 1.014.

Here’s what I love about this – one ingredient can totally change a beer. I think we’re going to see some radically different beers from one small ingredient change, and it should be a pretty fantastic learning experience, as well as a great chance to sample some great homebrew.

The tasting is currently scheduled for February 12th. Brew day was today – and unfortunately I’m a week behind schedule from everybody else (though I will hit ship schedule and not delay the tasting). However, I have settled on what I’m going to change about the beer — mine’s going for the exact grist and hop schedule, but with Abbey Ale yeast. It’s my opinion that yeast is… well.. maybe not the soul of the beer, but it sure is the soul’s wrapper. As far as I’m concerned, we’re looking at a dry dubbel instead of a stout.

Aaron of Captain’s Chair has already written up a report about his brew day, and I’ll do the same when I brew next weekend. In the meantime, keep an eye on Twitter, hash tag #brewoff for updates from all the brewing bloggers over the next month or two, and keep an eye out for an announcement of the live tasting on the 12th.

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  1. Simply Beer says:

    Thanks for posting this Erik! Can’t wait to taste what the Abbey does for the beer. I didn’t change anything about the grist, hops, or yeast. I’ll let you know when I bring out the secret ingredient, about 10 days. it will be a bit of an experiment!

  2. erik says:

    Excellent – additions into secondary! I can’t wait to see how all these turn out.

    • Ali says:

      I stand corrected, tguhoh, perhaps your comment could have been phrased more constructively? In the first paragraph I admitted to being a hop-ID novice, so it’s not unexpected that I’d occasionally trip up. Thanks.

  3. Kevin says:

    Looking forward to following all of these. As a wanna-be homebrewer, it will also be an instructive exercise in how a standard, base recipe you like and are comfortable with can be manipulated for different results.

    This is cool.

    • Christine says:

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  4. I’m still going to try this at some point. I made a X-mas brew that was supposed to be a for a party around the 11th or 12th. Now it will be New Years, so I don’t have bottles right now because of 15 gallons in fermenters. I’m hoping to be able to get back with my version at some point.

    • Miguel says:

      WhiteEyeBrows has a good idea about the mineral ritghs, but maybe the gas ritghs would be less destructive. Talking to the wife and parents about this would be a start. Then see a very, very good oil & gas lawyer who specializes in that type of thing to protect the land and parties involved. They could probably avoid selling the land and yet get money out of it to pay the in-law growing health care costs.

  5. Margaretta says:

    That’s an inigenous way of thinking about it.

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