02 Apr 2010 @ 6:47 AM 

That’s right. Today’s the day. It’s supposed to be 90F and sunny, I have the day off from work for “Spring Holiday” so it’s time to clean out all of the ingredients I’ve accrued over the last year and make a … thing. My goal is to use most of the hops for which I have under 1 oz, and most of the grain for which I have under 1 lb in a 5 gallon batch. So here’s my current inventory:

Cascade: .6 oz
Fuggles: .65 oz
EK Goldings: .9 oz
Hallertauer: .1 oz
Marynka: 1 oz
Nugget: .1 oz
Saaz: 1 oz
Styrian Goldings: .25 oz

I may hold onto the Saaz, Hallertau, and Styrian Goldings for another saison later in the summer. Then again, I may not.


Acidulated Malt: 1.5 lbs
Black Malt: .06 lbs
Brown Malt: .88 lbs
Carafa I: .5 lbs
Crystal 60L: .54 lbs
Crystal 80L: .33 lbs
Crystal 120L: .5 lbs
Chocolate Malt: 1.9 lbs
Chocolate Wheat Malt: .06 lbs
Coffee Malt: 1 lb
Roasted Barley: .25 lbs
Rye Malt: 1.5 lbs
Victory Malt: .88 lbs
Flaked Wheat: .9 lbs
Torrified Wheat: 1.25 lbs
Unmalted Wheat: 1.5 lbs

Ditto, wheats, saisons.

Given all of that with the ability to add as much base malt as you wanted, and use any commonly available yeast and put in whatever for adjuncts – sugar, fruit, coffee, what-have-you – and with the goal of using as much of these ingredients as possible, what would YOU make?

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  1. Thomas says:

    or maybe a Rye Indian Brown

  2. erik says:

    You know what I like about “Rye IIPA?” You can say it:


  3. christopher says:

    i’m not doing your work for you, report back what you end up making. I might pop by to say hi if you want a beetroot braggot tho.

    I’d probaby use the nugget, ekg, and fuggle. Cascade up-front in boil for bittering and hope the taste goes away. Shooting for 25-30IBU.

    Then this with maris otter to 4.5%abv and hope for the best:
    Black Malt: .06 lbs
    Crystal 60L: .54 lbs
    Crystal 80L: .33 lbs
    Chocolate Malt: 0.9 lbs
    Chocolate Wheat Malt: .06 lbs
    Coffee Malt: 1 lb
    Roasted Barley: .25 lbs
    Victory Malt: .88 lbs

  4. erik says:


    I would love to try a beetroot braggot. Hit me mid-to-late afternoon, I’ve got a bunch of crap to catch up on, early.

    Here’s what I’m ending up with:

    7lbs American Two-Row
    .9 lbs Flaked Wheat
    .54 lbs Crystal 60L
    .5 lbs Crystal 120L
    .5 lbs Rye Malt
    .38 lbs Victory
    .33 lbs Crystal 80L
    .25 lbs Roasted Barley
    .25 lbs Torrified Wheat
    .06 lbs Black Malt
    .06 lbs Chocolate Wheat
    1 lb Brown Sugar

    .3 oz Goldings at 60 min
    .65 oz Fuggles at 60 min
    .3 oz Goldings at 17 min
    .3 oz Cascade at 17 min
    .5 oz Marynka at 12 min
    .3 oz Cascade at 7 min
    .3 oz Goldings at 7 min
    .5 oz Marynka at 2 min
    .1 oz Nugget at end of boil

    Yeast (what was around): Belgian Saison

    Let’s call it a Stout Saison.

    OG: 1.067
    IBU: 32

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