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Siebel Concise Course: Day 0


Here it is, my friends: the beginning of the concise journey.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I make a quick trip down the Brown Line of the L (The El? No idea. In Boston it was the T, not the Tee.) to the classroom at Goose Island Brewpub and start to cram information into my head.

I don’t intend this to be a critique or for there to be any sort of large scale information sharing; I want to share what the experience is like. Imbibing mimes want to know.

I started this weekend in Washington DC at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I got to have some incredible beer and beer/food tastings at the Churchkey and Birch and Barley (I can recommend their beer dinner menu – the one I had? The honey glazed duck with Aventinus alone… holy moly).

This morning, I left Alexandria (where I was staying with great friends) and hopped a plane to Chicago… on Halloween… with no costume. These are the sacrifices we make. An hour and a half after landing (hooray public transit!), I arrived at my place of stay.

One of the places to stay that Siebel suggests is a nearby hostel. I opted for it. Normally, I’m a fan of a good hotel room, but 10 days stay anywhere is pretty damn pricey, so I went for the cheap. Even then, I’m still springing for the private room here. I feel like I want a place that I can go to and escape at the end of the day.

This is my first time ever staying in a hostel, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I like it. It’s sparse and utilitarian, but I kinda enjoy it. There are always people buzzing around; always someone Skyping in the lobby or computer area. There are bicycles to rent and, thankfully, free Wi-Fi. I have a full 4-person bunk room all to myself and it’s kinda awesome. I can sleep on any one of the beds that I want. Now THAT is luxury.

My only real complaint so far is that it is fairly noisy around my room. It’s not a deal-breaker, just a fact. I have a room just off of the elevators so I can hear the groan of the cable as the elevator goes up and down and the shrill schmeep as it stops at each floor. I can hear people tromping up and down the hallway to the public bathrooms. I can hear doors opening and closing and people talking and in general pretty much everything.

I assume they can hear everything I do, as well. My room is echoey. It has great acoustics. I should rent one of the hostel guitars and try it out.

This evening I went down to Goose Island and had a quick beer and some food to make sure I knew my way there without thinking – I’m not 100% in the mornings – and on the way I noted two Starbucks, so that’ll be the bulk of the money that I’m spending this week.

On the way out of Goose Island I ran across Keith Lemcke (the Vice-President of Siebel) as he was getting the classroom ready for everything. He mentioned that I should probably get there early to stake out my place in the classroom. For my entire life, I have sat at the back of classrooms. I wonder if I should change this up and sit up front. I just might do that.

Everything gets going at 8:30 AM tomorrow. More after that… much after that.

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  1. Brian says:

    It’s like being back in college, complete with a dorm room!

    The official Chicago Transit Authority style is that it’s the ‘L’ (with the single quotation marks), even though it’s short for “elevated.”

  2. Deirdre Reid says:

    It will be interesting to tag along as you go through the course. Thanks for bringing us there!

  3. Mark Shardlow says:

    Good deal Erik, sounds like agood deal for a number of reasons. Say, how do we check to be sure you received our contact info?

    Good Luck and look forward to following the blog.


  4. erik says:

    Hey Mark!

    There are two easy ways to see if I have your information:

    1) You can go to Kickstarter.com and log in and see if it prompts you to enter information. If it does, I don’t have it, yet.

    2) You can shoot me an e-mail at erik@mysterybrewingco.com and I’ll check.

    (I have your info!)

  5. Brett says:

    Hey Erik, great writeup. Do you remember the name of the hostel you stayed at? Was it pretty close to Siebel? It seems to not be on the Siebel website any longer.

  6. Topan says:

    Love it but again with cats! I personally would love to see more Oxo obcjets. I think their cheese graters would lend pathos to a scene but maybe I’m the only one who gets teary eyed shredding cheddar. *sniff*

  7. ???? says:

    Awesome website, thanks for sharing !!

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