12 Nov 2010 @ 12:13 PM 

Another late post, this one due entirely to laziness.

Today, as predicted, was pretty awful to sit through for the most part.

At some point pretty early, I actually started to feel a little sorry for our poor befuddled instructor, though. It became quite clear over the course of the day that he was definitely a fill-in and, mainly, just not comfortable with teaching. In the morning, I was irritated. By the afternoon, I just felt sorry for him and I kept thinking about how glad he would be when this ordeal was finally over. As painful as it was for us, it must have been much worse for him.

To be fair, he also got saddled with some of the most dry topics of the course: post-fermentation product handing. CIP, Lab Reports, QC, Draught Systems, and Kegging. It’s just not exciting stuff, and it’s difficult to make it interesting. Still, a little more explanation of terms and more assertive information handling would have been nice.

The big part of the day – what everybody was most nervous about and focused on all day was The Big Test. We had extra break time, we had a long lunch. People were up all night going over the enormous amount of information we’ve received over the past 8 days. We were told: You need to get 70% right to pass.

See the picture above? That was lunch time. People were studying in the classroom instead of actually going anywhere for lunch.

Test time was in the afternoon. 59 questions. 57 questions? 50-something questions. You can get 16 wrong. The test was some multiple choice, mostly short-answer.

I don’t want to talk too much about the test. On the off-chance that somebody is reading this blog as a part of getting ready to take the course, I don’t want to scare them about the test or give the impression that it’s not worth studying for.

Here’s what I’ll say: If you know your stuff, you won’t have a problem.

For my part, let’s just say that I enjoyed celebrating at The Map Room with good friends, and even got some birthday cake for Woody’s birthday. Good times.

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  1. Jim Reed says:

    Wow… can’t imagine how not-riveting it must have been to sit through those meetings. At least it looks like there was a happy ending!

  2. Jim Reed says:

    Any word on the results yet?

  3. erik says:

    Oy. Yes. I need to write a wrap-up. I’ve been busy. Or lazy. Or both.

    Coming this weekend!

  4. Matt says:

    So… would you recommend this course?

  5. Malinda says:

    Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nogniht?

  6. http://www./ says:

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