25 Nov 2012 @ 8:23 PM 

I get the same question all the time: “Do I have to keep this beer refrigerated?”

The short answer is, yes. All the time. But let’s talk about why and the instances where people don’t refrigerate, for better or for worse. Aging, skunking, and staling, and why your craft beer store isn’t keeping their beer the best way (and why it really can’t until you change your buying habits).



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  1. Tim says:

    Hi Erik,
    Love the podcast stuff. One little thing that might help a tiny bit is to state the date when you record the podcast on the ntro. I see the date for the post but since we’re all a bit clueless this might help a bit.

    Great information about staling. I wish the retailers would listen to this. I bottle my growlers from brite tanks in the 38 degree cooler on order day to help prevent this.

    Thanks again,

  2. Drew says:

    How about beer that was refrigerated at the store, then warms up to room temp? I’ve heard many mention this is horrible, but I can’t find a reason why this wouldn’t be better than beer that was room temp the entire time.

  3. erik says:

    Tim – Good point. I will include dates on all future podcasts.

    Drew – Thanks. I knew I missed something. It’s not *horrible* per se, but temperature changes also hasten aging. If it warms up and then cools down once or twice, it’s going to be fine – especially if you consume it soon. But in the long run, the more the beer goes through temperature changes, the more you’re hastening its aging.

  4. Drew says:

    So let’s say you’re out of town for a few days in another state, and stocking up on a couple cases of beer. You know the stuff you’re buying has been on shelves for a couple months, and it can’t be refrigerated for 2 days. You buying off the shelf, or from the cooler (assume selection is the same)?

  5. erik says:

    If the selection is the same, I’m buying out of the cooler.

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