11 Dec 2012 @ 10:51 PM 

This podcast is designed as self-reference. Yeah, weird, right? Not really – I already know that down the road I’ll want to be able to talk about ingredients in a really specific manner and so this is a general overview of the five ingredients of beer so that I can point people back here.
The centerfold.
Wait. What.. five?

Yeah. You heard me. You’ll have to listen.

This covers water polarity, hop bitterness, why IBUs are terrible (but metric!) measurements, what malting is, why barley is great, why “top fermenting” and “bottom fermenting” yeasts don’t exist, and what else can go into your beer. I also talk a bit about seasonality in ingredients and if you listen closely you can hear my dog squeak a toy and ask to go out in the middle of the podcast. Thanks Tess, can’t you tell I’m recording here?

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    Top Fermented » Blog Archive » Podcast Episode #4: Ingredients

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    Top Fermented » Blog Archive » Podcast Episode #4: Ingredients

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