27 Apr 2009 @ 11:43 AM 

Whatchya doin’ this Saturday?

If you said making beer – you’re right!

This Saturday is Big Brew Day which, if you’re not familiar with it, is the commemoration of National Homebrew Day – it’s the first Saturday in May each year. The AHA says:

Each year the AHA finds two or three recipes to highlight for Big Brew. Then hundreds of homebrewers register their locations for a communal brew-in to celebrate National Homebrew Day. They invite family and friends, or hang posters around town to advertise their brewing site. Then on the first Saturday in May (May 2nd this year) everyone congregates at the brewing site early enough to join in a collective toast at noon Central time and get on with the brewing.

This year’s recipes look interesting: A saison in honor of a homebrewer from San Diego, a dark mild (holy yum) based on a recipe from Dry Dock Brewing Co, and an Amber Ale being brewed in honor of Utah HB51 – the bill that legalized homebrewing in Utah.

The irony is that nobody in Utah can legally brew this beer for another 10 days after Big Brew. The bill goes into effect on May 12. It’s almost like taunting them.

But if you’re not in Utah, find a site that’s cooking up a batch and join them! It’s sure to be fun – and make sure you raise a glass at Noon CDT to honor the best hobby out there.


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