You know what I needed? More to do.

Brewery startup is a lot more work than I necessarily expected, even if most of that work is filling out paperwork and chasing down equipment. So, naturally, when I got a message asking if I was interested in writing a book about North Carolina Beer and Breweries I said, “Sure – why not? What else do I have to do?”

Starting this summer, I’ll be traveling to every brewery in the beautiful state of North Carolina to get the low down – how they started, who they are, what they make, and how they make it.

The goal?

Next spring you can hold in your hot little hands a comprehensive guide to beer in North Carolina, with maps, pictures, and a suite of factoids and tidbits about where to buy beer in NC, the best, most popular beer festivals, and even some information about where to get good local cider and mead, and local food to go with your awesome local NC Beer.

What’s more? While I’m doing these travels, I’ll be taking the blog with me. So while the book will be the information source, you can get my personal take on the whole piece here, where I hope to be able to inspire some of you to get out to a local brewery in North Carolina and see it for yourself.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t send a huge, nay, enormous thank you to the good Beerinator Jonathan Surratt who pointed this opportunity my way. Sir, I owe you many a beer, and here it is on public record.

Thanks also go to John F. Blair, Publisher of Winston-Salem, NC who is publishing the book.

Look for more soon! Travels start in the next couple of weeks!

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Posted By: erik
Last Edit: 22 May 2011 @ 12 02 PM

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