19 Sep 2009 @ 8:51 AM 

I just found this fantastic set of rules on Lang Brau Schönbrunner’s website (NSFW), translated from German:

This is brilliant:

Recommendation Manual for Schönbrunner Erotic Beer

1. Attention: do not open an Erotic bottle in public! (Erotic effect can have immediate impact)

2. Do not let Erotic Beer linger in your throat, but rather swallow it immediately! (Can cause throat swelling: death by suffocation is not to be excluded.)

3. If you drink an Erotic Beer at home, do not bother to turn the television on as you won’t have a chance to watch it: the Erotic impact takes effect immediately.

4. Cold-blooded people may not experience the erotic impact immediately. No problem! Simply open more Erotic Beer bottles, 5 to 8 bottles and… cheers! Afterwards, watch your body closely. Normally, it should work. If not, consult your physician as soon as possible.

Quotation from a satisfied Erotic Beer drinker: “Since I started drinking Erotic Beer, it even works in my marriage!”

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